Iron Ore Mining


PT. Karya Mandiri Makmur is a mining company, a member of Byru Group, with mineral exploration and development activities focused on iron ore. Worldwide demand for steel will keep iron ore prices high and PT. Karya Mandiri Makmur is well positioned to benefit from the continued demand. Our team is comprised of skilled professionals with significant iron ore expertise to advance towards production.  We own and manage mining and processing operations in West Sumatra. Our iron ore portfolio also extends to development projects in several cities in Indonesia.

Community Relations

PT. Karya Mandiri Makmur is committed to the principles and practices of good corporate and environmental citizenship.

Since establishing mining operation in 2006, the Company has developed close partnerships with;

  • Local Communities
  • Local Governments, and
  • Local businesses

The Company is actively engaged in partnership with local indigenous communities in the West Sumatra in Indonesia. PT. Karya Mandiri Makmur has worked hard to consult with and engage the local indigenous communities in the development and operation of its mines.

Product stewardship

Product stewardship means understanding the life cycle of the metals and minerals we produce, including the safe production, use and disposal of metal and mineral products as the need for them continues in society.

Increasingly, producers have both individual and joint responsibility with other stakeholders to ensure that products are managed safely across their life cycles.  Our product stewardship work allows us to improve our understanding of the health, safety and environmental implications of the use of our products. Our product stewardship strategy emphasizes the importance of understanding threats and opportunities in the market, and the importance of engagement with key stakeholders including customers, suppliers, regulators and communities. It means better understanding and taking responsibility for our iron ore products, from their discovery and mining, production, use and management at end of life.


Sustainable development

At Iron Ore, we seek to balance economic, social and environmental considerations across all parts of its business. This is achieved by making sustainable development considerations an integral part of our business plans and decision-making processes.

In addition to our statement of business practice, the way we work, we define our commitment to sustainable development with nine principles which, help to guide the way we plan for the future.

Our principles include:

  • Optimise long-term economic value
  • Health and safety as a priority
  • Equal employment opportunities
  • Respect for heritage
  • Minimise dust and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Minimise harm to fauna and flora ecosystems
  • Minimise disturbance of land and water bodies
  • Optimise management of water resources


A safe workplace for our employees is essential to the continued success of our business.

We seek to adopt best practice in health and safety management systems and performance. Safety performance standards cover our principle hazards:

  • Isolations
  • Electrical safety
  • Vehicles and driving
  • Working at heights
  • Confined spaces
  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Underground safety
  • Aviation
  • Molten metals

Ensuring all employees and contractors work in a healthy and safe environment is achieved through the implementation of policies, systems and procedures by dedicated teams of safety professionals at our sites. Our focus is to continue to improve this performance by concentrating on behavioral-based safety systems.


Our occupational health standards are aligned with health standards. These standards apply to all our employees and contractors and are regularly audited, providing the opportunity for continual improvement in our performance.

The standards cover the following key areas:

  • risk management
  • medical and first aid treatment 
  • hearing conservation 
  • travel and remote site health 
  • manual handling
  • heat 
  • dust 
  • noise 
  • hazardous substances 
  • vibration 
  • radiation and legionella exposure 
  • Fitness for work and fatigue management.

Our leadership teams are accountable for our performance against these standards. They are supported by competent and trained personnel at each site whose responsibilities include implementing health systems and monitoring workplace conditions to control exposure to health hazards. Health advisers manage risk registers, conduct personal monitoring for dust, noise, thermal stress and audiometry testing, as well as educate and inform operational teams of health findings and initiatives.


We aim to conduct business in an efficient and environmentally responsible way that meets the expectations of government and the community. We recognize that environmental responsibilities go beyond those required under statutory regulations and include social obligations, leadership in sustainable development and minimizing environmental impacts.

Our key environmental challenges include:

  • climate change and energy conservation
  • dust management
  • water conservation
  • waste management
  • hydrocarbon management
  • noise management
  • Ground disturbance and rehabilitation.

To manage these issues, a range of Environmental Improvement Plans and Environmental Management Plans have been developed.

Our businesses have achieved and maintained certification to the ISO 14001 international environmental standard.

The Iron Ore Health, Safety, Environment, Communities and Quality Policy states the intentions, commitment and principles of the Iron Ore group in relation to the management of health, safety, environment, communities and quality. 


Doing business with us


Having extensive worldwide business network with strategic trading partners direct manufacturers providing a wide range of products from Iron ore, we please to be contacted at the following office:


PT. Karya Mandiri Makmur

Marketing Office :


Arcade Room

Jln. Gereja No. 34 Padang West Sumatera – Indonesia