Coal Mining

Coal, a fossil fuel, is the most important energy source for electricity generation and also forms an essential fuel for the production of steel and cement. A negative characteristic of coal, however, is that it can be labelled as the most polluting energy source due to its high proportion of carbon. Other. Therefore, the world’s industries have increasingly shifted their focus to coal.

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of coal. A significant portion of this exported thermal coal consists of a medium-quality type (between 5100 and 6100 cal/gram) and a low-quality type (below 5100 cal/gram) for which large demand comes from China and India. According to information presented by the Indonesian Ministry of Energy, Indonesian coal reserves are estimated to last around 83 years if the current rate of production is to be continued. Regarding global coal reserves, Indonesia currently ranks 13th, containing roughly 0.6 percent of total proven global coal reserves according to the most recent BP Statistical Review of World Energy. Around 60 percent of Indonesia’s total coal reserves consists of the cheaper lower quality (sub-bituminous) coal that contains less than 6100 cal/gram.

Three largest regions of Indonesian coal resources are:

  1. South Sumatra
  2. South Kalimantan
  3. East Kalimantan

Byru Group is the first party of coal minner. We entered mining partnership in 2013. We are able to provide coal for the needs of your company. We sell all kinds of calories and all the qualities that range from 4000 to 7500 kcal. We have specific data to mine our coal GCV, total moisture, total ash, sulfur, and so on. We lead and doing by the experienced and profesional people who are expertise in coal mines starting from planning, construction and sales of our mining product.



47.7 million tonnes production in 2012

Resources–JORC Compliant

4.4 billion tonnes


Sub-bituminous, moderate CV, ultra-low sulphur, ash and NoX emis- sions


Currently, we have operations at four mine concessions under partnership scheme at Kalimantan. We sell the following types of coal under our trading company:

-GCV (ARB) 4600 kcal/kg

-GCV (ARB) 5500 kcal/kg

-GCV (ARB) 6600 kcal/kg

-GCV (ADB) 7500 kcal/kg


Our coal are mainly supplied to China.


Coal mining is located in Kalimantan, Indonesia. We supply accross Asia and we become one of the largest suppliers to our partner coal mining company.


Pricing basis is clear and unequivocal. Contracts can be compared with absolute certainty